Finding a New Start Through God.

The Story of Yvette.

The day Yvette found her way to DaySpring Villa, she was four months pregnant and clinging to her only worldly possessions – a bag of clothes and a blanket. She was homeless and locked in a physically abusive marriage when she summoned the courage to call 2-1-1, the National Crisis Intervention and Referral Service Line.  Speaking to volunteers, she first learned about DaySpring Villa, Oklahoma’s first faith-based, certified domestic violence center and sex trafficking shelter. Founded as the Baptist Women’s Shelter in the 1980s, the facility offers emergency shelter, food, medical services, clothing and spiritual guidance. “We help hurting women and their children find the hope they have in Christ and to be all that God wants them to be,” said Wilma Lively, executive director.

Yvette reflected on the tragic path that led her to the doorstep of DaySpring Villa. “My little sister’s dad beat my mom every day. I saw my mom crawl into a corner because she was so afraid to move. When you grow up seeing that, you believe that’s just the way things are.”  At DaySpring Villa, volunteers help women set practical goals in a variety of areas including job training and placement, parenting, self-esteem, and independence.  Today, Yvette has her own house and works as a certified nursing assistant where she shares her story of hope with others. She is studying to become an ultrasound technologist, and she’s engaged to be married next December. “Dayspring gave me the ability to let go of the past and look to the future and the new woman I am today,” she said.

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