Finding Her Place in the World.

The Story of Reighna Priest.

At the age of 13, Reighna Priest’s life changed forever. Raised by her grandparents from infancy, Reighna moved to the Baptist Home for Girls in Madill, Oklahoma, after her grandparents grew too old to care for her. Reighna never knew what it was like to have parents until she met the Weises, a loving couple acting as “house parents” at the Girls Home. Reighna remembers her first impression, “Everyone just seemed so smiley, so happy and loving and caring.” During her time at the Girls Home, Reighna traveled the country performing mission work and leadership training. She became a fixture in the Home’s agriculture program, learning to raise cattle and show them in competition. But these were far from her greatest learning experiences.

“My relationship with God definitely did get stronger once I moved there,” said Reighna. “Having godly people around you is really awesome, and it really impacted my life.” Today, Reighna is raising her first child with her husband Dexter. She attributes her strong parenting skills to the Weises and her experiences at the Baptist Home for Girls. “I’ve always loved how my house parents treat their kids. They discipline in a loving way, ” she said. “If the Children’s Home didn’t exist then I wouldn’t have gotten people that I can call parents.” To this day, Reighna stays involved in the Home’s agriculture program, mentoring young girls who are traveling the same road she did.

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