Give, and You Shall Receive

The Story of Virgie Watson

When Pat Simpson’s mother Virgie died, she had no idea about the wonderful surprises her mother still had in store.  Virgie had a fondness for poppy flowers, planting masses of the colorful plant each year. But as her health declined, Virgie could no longer tend to the flowers. Eventually, they died out. And Virgie passed away too. But soon after Virgie’s death, something amazing happened. “I hadn’t seen poppies for a couple of years until a few months after mother died. I came around the corner, and the flowerbed was filled with a huge bunch of red poppies. The plants came up and bloomed without any attention. It produced the most beautiful flowers that you could imagine. I think that it was mom saying goodbye…” Pat said.

But that wasn’t the only surprise Virgie had in store. After she passed away, Pat received a letter from Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children letting her know they had received money from a gift annuity. 26 years earlier, Virgie had invested $10,000 in a charitable gift annuity through The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma. That annuity made payments to Virgie during her lifetime. And due to the timing of her original gift, and the unique investment returns during those years, there were still funds left over when Virgie died that were donated to the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children’s Boys Ranch Town endowment. Pat was stunned at the news. “I couldn’t imagine how that $10,000 could pay back $800 per year all those years and still have money left over to go to Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children... I say, God was the one who did this,” Pat said.