Donor Stories

On the Road to the Kingdom.

The Story of the Kannady family.

Greg Kannady grew up in the oil patch. His father worked for Texaco, and Greg spent summers in the oil field to earn money for school. The first in his family to attend college, Greg became interested in ministering as a sophomore at Oklahoma State University. After praying, he decided to quit school and start his own trucking company. Business...

In Tune with God’s Vision.

The Story of Jennifer Peck.

Jennifer Peck grew up in the ministry. For over forty years, her father David Peck worked for the OKC campus of the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. Her family’s emphasis on ministry played a huge role in Jennifer’s life and led her to search for ways she could serve others. In the end, music became Jennifer’s ministry. She earned a Bachelor’s...

Give, and You Shall Receive

The Story of Virgie Watson

When Pat Simpson’s mother Virgie died, she had no idea about the wonderful surprises her mother still had in store.  Virgie had a fondness for poppy flowers, planting masses of the colorful plant each year. But as her health declined, Virgie could no longer tend to the flowers. Eventually, they died out. And Virgie passed away too. But soon after...