An Amazing Achievement Made Possible by Faith.

The Story of Evergreen Church.

In 1999, pastor Michael Gabbert founded Evergreen Baptist Church in South Tulsa. The initial congregation consisted of 28 people that met in a Holiday Inn Select. After 10 months of steady expansion, the church found a 40-acre plot that was destined to be the future site of the church. After securing an owner-financed loan for the future church site, the congregation moved from the hotel to Thoreau Middle School while they paid off the land.

After six years at Thoreau, the church had outgrown its space, and Pastor Gabbert knew it was time to start building on their land. The church approached a local bank but was rejected based on their lack of financial history. Evergreen Church then approached The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma, which was intrigued by the project. The Foundation eventually funded the new church, which has grown to more than 57,000 square feet housing a congregation of more than 600. To Pastor Gabbert’s astonishment, a single church member came forward with $3.5 million to pay off the remainder of the construction debt. The miraculous story of Evergreen Church demonstrates the amazing achievements that are possible through faith, persistence, and trust in the providence of the Lord.