International Missions

In a World of Many Nations,
One Faith Unites Us All.

Living in the world’s most prosperous nation, it’s difficult to imagine the poverty and suffering that are so commonplace around the globe. As believers in the Baptist faith, it is our calling to relieve the affliction of people at home and abroad. Equally as important, it is our duty to spread the gospel of Christ to every corner of the earth.

In support of these two worthy causes, many of our donors choose to fund the International Mission Board (IMB). In addition to hunger relief, clean water projects and economic development in the Third World, IMB’s mission is to create self-reproducing churches across the globe. These new Baptist churches will spread the gospel in Africa, Asia, Latin America and other parts of the developing world.

If you’re passionate about growing the Kingdom and relieving the suffering of people around the globe, The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma can help you make a difference.

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