Domestic Missions

You Don’t Have to Travel the World
To Make a World of Difference.

When we think of missionary work, images of distant lands and exotic locales often come to mind. In reality, there is a great need for mission work right here in America. Poverty, homelessness and our calling to spread the gospel give us plenty of reasons to perform Baptist missionary work at home.

The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma recognizes the pressing need for domestic missions. To support this worthy cause, our donors help fund the North American Mission Board (NAMB), an organization committed to prayer, evangelism, growing the church and relieving human suffering. NAMB’s primary mission is to create self-reproducing churches that attract an ever-growing number of disciples.

In addition to evangelical work, NAMB supports language missions that bring non-native English speakers into the Kingdom. It also facilitates chaplaincy to help the Baptist faith reach secular institutions that don’t deal directly with the church. Chaplains work in hospitals, jails, military settings and other places where they spread the faith to a mostly secular audience.

These are just a few of the domestic missions supported by our donors. If this charitable cause speaks to you, we can help you lend financial support.

Learn how estate planning, planned giving arrangements and charitable donations can support domestic missions while creating financial security for you and your loved ones. Click the underlined links to learn more.