WatersEdge FAQ

What is WatersEdge Ministry Services?

WatersEdge Ministry Services is The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma's new brand for church loan and investment services.

This new brand helps us better serve Oklahoma Baptists by allowing the Foundation to grow, offering our services to Southern Baptist churches outside the state. This growth not only expands God’s Kingdom, but also allows us to offer even more competitive interest rates, increase dollars distributed to Oklahoma Baptist ministries, and add new services. The WatersEdge Ministry Services brand is fully part of The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma and remains committed to strengthening Oklahoma Baptist churches through the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why create a new brand for the Foundation's loan and investment services?

The WatersEdge Ministry Services brand helps us better serve Oklahoma Baptist churches by allowing the Foundation to grow. As we help other state Baptist conventions outside Oklahoma, the Foundation can: 

- Offer even more competitive loan interest rates and investment yields

- Continue to increase dollars distributed to Oklahoma Baptist ministries

- Add new services

- Continue to lower fees

To learn more, visit our WatersEdge Ministry Services website at https://www.watersedgeservices.org/services/church-building-loans/.


Why not use The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma brand outside the state, too?

We are already working in 10 states across the country. We’ve learned that in some places, the words “Oklahoma” and “Baptist” can sometimes be an obstacle for some churches or like-minded ministries. We don’t want our name to be a stumbling block to ministry.

Many local Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) churches as well as national SBC entities have made similar changes in recent years. For example, the “Sunday School Board” became “LifeWay Christian Resources,” and the “Annuity Board” became “Guidestone Financial Resources.”

Does the new WatersEdge brand mean the Foundation's staff is changing?

No. Church loan and investment accounts will continue to be serviced by Jerry Vaughan and the rest of our Ministry Services team.

You can view the staff page on our WatersEdge Ministry Services website here.

Will any other Foundation services be moved to the WatersEdge Ministry Services brand?

No. Estate planning, planned giving and trust services will all remain under The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma brand.

To see an overview of current services offered by WatersEdge, you can visit our website at https://www.watersedgeservices.org/services/.

Why not continue using the Foundation brand inside Oklahoma for church loans and investments and use the WatersEdge Ministry Services brand outside the state?

Maintaining two brands for our church-focused services is more expensive and less efficient. A single brand simplifies and streamlines our operation, allowing us to lower costs and better serve churches.

Why is the Foundation moving only its church loan and investment services to the new WatersEdge brand?

Currently, both individual-focused services (like estate planning) and church-focused services (like loans) are housed under the Foundation brand. This sometimes causes confusion. Under the WatersEdge Ministry Services brand, we can tailor communications specifically for pastors and church staff, making sure we the right messages reach the right people.

Does WatersEdge offer any other services to churches besides loans and investments?

Yes. Ministry Accounting is a service offered by WatersEdge. It is designed to remove the accounting burden from churches, freeing them to focus on ministry.WatersEdge Ministry Accounting will include bookkeeping & reporting, contribution tracking, payroll services and financial statement preparation. 

To learn more about Ministry Accounting, visit our WatersEdge Ministry Services website at https://www.watersedgeservices.org/services/ministry-accounting/.

Still have questions?

Contact us at 800.949.9988 or communications@bfok.org. Or, you can visit the WatersEdge Ministry Services website at watersedgeservices.org.