What's a DAF?

A donor advised fund (DAF) not only multiplies but also simplifies your giving. Think of a DAF like a savings or investment account for all of your charitable giving. Instead of writing multiple checks to individual charities, you contribute to your DAF account and receive an immediate tax deduction. 

Those contributions are invested and grow tax free. You decide which charities to support and how often. When you’re ready to make a gift from your DAF, the Foundation sends the check to your chosen charity.

How It Works

Benefits of Giving Through a DAF

Enjoy Ultra-Flexibility 

  • Contribute cash, stocks, property or other assets at  your convenience.
  • Make gifts to ministries now or later, as often as you like ($250 minimum).

Reap Tax Advantages 

  • Contributions to your DAF are immediately tax deductible.
  • Pay no capital gains tax on donations of appreciated assets (eg: stocks, real estate).

Multiply Your Impact 

  • DAF contributions are invested and grow to maximize impact.
  • All growth is tax free.

Simplify Your Giving 

  • All charitable giving is channeled through a single fund. 
  • When you make a gift, the Foundation sends the check and manages the paperwork for you.
  • Make gifts, monitor your DAF balance and contribution or gift history with online account access.

Avoid High Fees By Creating Your DAF With The Foundation 

  • No fees to open an account or process gift (grant) requests.
  • No management fees for DAFs invested in select funds.
  • Low management fees for other DAF investment options.

Giving Example

The Robinsons started a DAF with the Foundation using $10,000 in stocks and $5,000 in cash, and received an immediate tax deduction. The money was invested and earned an additional $250 while the Robinsons decided which ministries they wanted to support. When they were ready, the Robinsons gave grants from their DAF to their church, the IMB and disaster relief. The Foundation sent all the checks and, at the end of the year, sent the Robinsons a summary of their DAF giving.


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