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Steward God’s Provision Wisely

Kingdom-minded estate planning helps you prepare for the future, protect your family and support ministries that change lives with the Gospel.

Everything we have is a gift from God. Kingdom-minded estate planning acknowledges Christians’ role as stewards of these gifts. We’re commanded to use them for His glory during our lives and when we die. The Foundation can help you pass on God’s provision through biblically grounded estate planning that both provides for your family and advances ministry.

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Why do I need an estate plan?

Estate planning is for everyone, regardless of income, marital status or stage of life. More comprehensive than a will, an estate plan is a collection of essential legal documents that give you control over critical end-of-life decisions.

An estate plan helps you:

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Pass on Possessions

Who will inherit your assets when you die? Without an estate plan, decisions to distribute your property are left to the state.

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Impact Ministry

Our greatest opportunity to make a significant financial impact comes when we die. Charitable gifts made through your estate plan allow you to support ministries you care about, advancing the Gospel for generations to come.

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Safeguard Young Children

Individuals and couples with dependent children (under age 18) must choose a guardian who will provide care in the event of the parent(s) death. Without an estate plan, the state will decide who raises your children.

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Specify Healthcare Wishes

If illness or severe injury left you incapacitated and unable to speak for yourself, what decisions do you want made about emergency medical treatments like ventilators, feeding tubes and other forms of life support?

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Minimize Taxes and Fees

Attorney fees, court costs and taxes can reduce the value of the inheritance you leave behind. Careful estate planning can alleviate some or all of these burdens, ensuring more of your assets end up in your beneficiaries’ hands.

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Prevent Family Conflict

Unfortunately, disputes over possessions are common when a family member passes away without a will to distribute their assets. An estate plan, which includes a will, helps reduce this possibility by detailing how your possessions should be divided.

Avoid Probate

Avoid Probate

Probate is the legal process that resolves a person’s estate after they die. This includes distributing property to heirs, paying debts and taxes. Your beneficiaries can bypass probate if you choose to create a trust as part of your estate plan.

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The Foundation is a non-profit Christian organization. Our experienced staff will help you protect your estate and support charitable causes you care about.

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Get started with guidance from our team of certified estate planning professionals. Meet virtually with Zoom or Facetime, by phone or in person.

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Complete the Estate Planning Guidebook

Our comprehensive guidebook will help you think through important estate planning decisions and gather relevant information. You can complete the guide online, download a PDF, or request a paper copy.


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Finalize Your Plan

We’ll review your guidebook, help you answer any remaining questions, and then send your information to an attorney of your choice who will draft your estate planning documents. You will then work with your attorney to complete and sign your plan.

Already have an estate plan?

Life changes quickly, which is why we recommend reviewing or updating your estate plan every 5-10 years. Make an appointment for a free consultation with the Foundation’s estate planning team to ensure your plan is current.

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Why plan with us?

With a myriad of estate planning options available, what makes the Foundation’s estate planning experience unique?

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Focus on Giving Back

Our estate planning experience is tailored for those with a desire to both provide for their families and give back to God when they die, supporting Christian churches, ministries, organizations and institutions working to transform lives with the Gospel.

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Legal Fee Reimbursement

The Foundation will reimburse a portion of your attorney fees if your estate plan includes a gift to a partnering ministry of your choice. This means most estate plans completed through the Foundation are free. You may choose either a gift of 10 percent of your estate, or, a gift of $50,000 or greater. Visit our FAQs to learn more about giving that qualifies your estate plan for legal fee reimbursement.

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For more than 50 years our certified estate planning professionals have helped thousands of individuals and families create and update plans that protect families and support ministry.


Learn more about estate planning with the Foundation in our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact our estate planning team.

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