Protecting Family Legacies.
Growing the Family of God.

As Christians, we are the guardians of our families and our faith. Estate planning through The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma protects both at once. We help families build structured estate plans that protect loved ones in the event of debilitating illness or death.

Growing the Kingdom

Growing the Kingdom of faith is central to what we do. We develop estate plans that incorporate a variety of giving arrangements including endowments, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts and donor advised funds. Your selfless gifts bring people to the Lord and impact the lives of people around the world.

Touching Individual Lives

Gifted funds are used to educate students, to help the sick and the needy, to grow the ranks of the faithful and to support local Baptist ministries. Countless lives are touched by the selfless giving of participating families.

Helping Families Help Others

The Foundation reimburses most or all of the cost incurred when participants complete an estate plan – provided they leave a charitable gift in their will of at least 10 percent of the estate or a minimum of $50,000. At least half of all gifted funds must be donated to a Southern Baptist ministry of the participant’s choice.

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