Legacy Partnerships

Lay a Foundation for the Future of Your Ministry.

Start a Legacy Partnership with The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma.

A Legacy Partnership is an endowment that provides for the long-term financial needs of your church.  Created through donations from the congregation, it can be started with initial contributions of $10,000 or more. Over time, the fund grows through investment returns and a concentrated effort to promote planned giving within the congregation. Each January, the fund provides an annual distribution to be used as the church sees fit.

Legacy Partnerships are Established at No Cost.

The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma provides this service at no cost and assists the church in developing a Legacy Leadership Council. The Council consists of church members who promote ongoing contributions and decide how to spend annual distributions. The Foundation provides promotional materials and helps educate church members about the importance of planned giving. Free workshops and seminars are also provided to educate church members about donations through estate planning.

Legacy Partnership funds can be contributed through:

  • Cash gifts
  • Securities
  • Annuities that pay the donor for life, then go into the Legacy Fund
  • Gifts at the time of death contributed through an estate plan
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