Grow Your Resources and Your Church.

1.90%* - Enhanced Cash Fund

1.90%* - One month term investment

1.95%* - Three month term investment

2.10%* - Six month term investment

2.30%* - Nine month term investment

2.55%* - One year term investment

2.90%* - Two year term investment

3.05%* - Three year term investment

3.30%* - Five year term investment


* All rates are quotes as annualized rates. Rates effective 10/1/2018


  • Interest rates will remain constant for the term of the investment, with the exception of the Enhanced Cash Fund which will adjust monthly.
  • Automatic renewal is assumed unless written notice is received prior to the end of the term.
  • A penalty will be applied to early withdrawals except for investments in the Enhanced Cash Fund. (See Ministry Funds Management Policy)
  • Easy account initiation.
  • Supports the work of the Foundation's Church Building Loan Program.
  • Backed by the Foundation’s church building loan portfolio.
  • Online Account Access

To download a copy of the rate sheet, click here.