Funds Management

A Wealth of Options for
Ministry Funds Management.

No two churches are alike. That’s why we tailor investments to meet your ministry’s unique financial needs. Whether your congregation is in the midst of a building campaign or simply wants to make the most of its God-given resources, we have solutions to help you reach your long- and short-term goals.  

Many of our Ministry Funds Management options offer above-market interest rates that outpace earnings from traditional savings accounts and CDs. All of our funds management options are based on Christian values and are available to Southern Baptist churches and like-minded evangelical ministries and organizations.

Let The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma help you build a portfolio that will grow your resources and your ministry.

Term Investments: CD-like flexibility with unmatched returns.


Our most popular investment option for churches, this CD-like investment offers above-market interest rates and can be structured for both short-term liquidity and long-term growth. Learn more about our rates.

December 2018 Term Investment Rates

2.05%* - Enhanced Cash Fund
2.05%* - One-month Term Investment
2.10%* - Three-month Term Investment
2.25%* - Six-month Term Investment
2.40%* - Nine-month Term Investment
2.65%* - One-year Term Investment
3.00%* - Two-year Term Investment
3.10%* - Three-year Term Investment
3.35%* - Five-year Term Investment
* All rates are quotes as annualized rates.

Get started today! To learn more about the Foundation’s Term Investments or to set up an account, contact Jerry Vaughan at 800.949.9988 ext. 4269, or by email at For important documents and information relating to Foundation investments, visit Forms and Policies.


  • Long-term investments are subject to short-term volatility.
  • Past performance does not guarantee future returns.
  • Investments are not insured against loss or guaranteed by The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma or by the FDIC.
  • Investment portfolios have not been registered with, approved or disapproved by the Securities and Exchange Commission or any state regulatory authority.  
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