Church Building Loans

Church Building Loans Now Part of WatersEdge Ministry Services.

WatersEdge Ministry Services is The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma's new brand for church loan and investment services. Visit our FAQ page to learn more.

Church loans from WatersEdge Ministry Services help build local ministries while serving the higher calling of the Southern Baptist church. Rather than funneling dollars to secular organizations, WatersEdge loan recipients receive competitive loan rates while keeping their money within the Baptist ministry. WatersEdge offers loans for new construction, facility renovation and expansion, refinancing and other church-related purposes.

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Church Building Loan Benefits Include:

  • All Interest Distributed to Kingdom Causes
    Interest paid on church loans through WatersEdge Ministry Services is distributed to more than 300 Southern Baptist ministries and charitable causes each year. In a typical year, almost $4 million in interest from church loans helps support Baptist and charitable organizations across Oklahoma, the nation, and around the world.

  • Competitive Terms and Interest Rates
    In most cases, the WatersEdge Ministry Services terms and interest rates are competitive, if not better, than other lending sources.

  • Low Closing Costs
    The only closing costs associated with the WatersEdge loan program are an origination fee, the cost of mortgage title insurance, and a mortgage filing fee. WatersEdge doesn’t require a certified appraisal, a land survey of the church’s property, or EPA or other environmental reports.

  • No Prepayment Penalties
    We recognize that any time a church borrows money, they want to get out of debt as quickly as possible. To that end, we never penalize a church for prepaying a loan.

  • Fast and Convenient Financing
    Our online loan application process minimizes paperwork and speeds approval times.   


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To learn more about loans from WatersEdge Ministry Services, contact Jerry Vaughan at 405.400.8103, or by email at


Why WatersEdge?

This new brand helps us better serve Oklahoma Baptists by allowing the Foundation to grow and expanding our services to Southern Baptist churches outside the state. This growth not only expands God’s Kingdom, but also allows us to offer even more competitive interest rates, increase dollars distributed to Oklahoma Baptist ministries and add new services. The WatersEdge Ministry Services brand is fully part of The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma and remains committed to strengthening Oklahoma Baptist churches through the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

Questions about the name change? Visit our FAQ page or contact Jerry Vaughan at