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Demand & Term Deposits

Like any great enterprise, the church and its supporting organizations need money to survive and thrive. Our investment management services offer astute, ethical, faith-centered wealth management options for churches and associated organizations. We offer a wide array of asset allocation and growth options. 

Our investment professionals will help you develop an investment strategy that fits your income goals, growth objectives and tolerance for risk. And most importantly, they’ll help you select investment options while adhering to the values that are central to our Christian faith.

Church Building and Expansion Loans

Since 1953, The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma has offered loans for building projects, facility expansions, and other church-related projects. But one thing sets us apart from other lenders. The interest earned on all our loans is reinvested in faith-minded organizations. Interest income generated from our loan services are distributed back into ministry organizations that help grow the Kingdom and serve those most in need.

And of course, our experienced loan professionals will partner with you throughout the process, offering competitive rates and lending terms. Working with us isn’t just an act of faith. It’s a smart business decision.

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